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Factions galore...

The Factions have undergone a major rework in order to make them much more viable. Here’s the gritty details and remember this is considered beta so report any bugs or suggestions to a mod.
  • You start the game as a regular player, with the current starter gear consisting of some clothing, a scrap gun , two magazines and a hatchet.
  • Each of the opposing PVP factions (raiders vs purgers) can be joined by typing !raider or !purger into the chat, and (for now) suicide to respawn
  • Both of the PVP factions start with faction gear – a faction specific handgun and a faction specific Flak Vest (see pictures) and matching clothes.
  • Raiders are considered the “hardcore” faction. They take more damage from the environment and mutants, but in return do more damage to bases (they raid)
  • Purgers take a little less damage from the environment (but still considerably more then vanilla), but in return give a little less damage to mutants.
  • Factionless players still take more damage from mutants, but it has been lowered a little from previous. Newbs get to be newbies.

Now heres the tricky part.

We have already lowered the damage in PVP overall, to compensate for the changes in weapon damage. To further emphasize the usefulness of a faction, some of it carries over.

  • Everyone is PVP enabled (there are no PVE factions)
  • Raiders and Purgers have some friendly fire enabled, but not much. Enough to kill a same faction player if careless but not enough to accidently kill one.
  • In addition, raiders give a little more team damage to compensate for the boon of extra base damage.
  • Factionless players give full damage to each other.
  • Factionless players take a little more damage from either of the opposing factions, and give a little less damage to them.
  • Raiders do the same amount of damage to Purgers as they did before.
  • Purgers give a little less damage to raiders.

These changes are made with the following intentions in mind.

Factionless players are still pvp enabled, but get to enjoy the basegame with a little less strain. Should they want to join a faction they can so with the following considerations in mind:
Raiders are considered what their name implies. They raid, they get to be mean and they get to be hardcore. The basegame is much harder for them, but they enjoy the benefit of being mean bastards in PvP and although probably a loose bunch of lunatics, disorganized and savages, you don’t really want them to be banging on your door.
Purgers are considered a more militant faction. They don’t really excel at PVP without a partner, but strict and organized they do reap the benefits of ‘taming the wild’ so to speak. They don’t excel at knocking over other peoples basewalls, but if you are running for your life from a bunch of brutes those are probably the guys you hope to run into.
While its hard to properly balance perks and disadvantages to factions, please test out the current changes and let us know!

Near our final goal!

We have added 5 vehicles in total, and 9 weapons. So far we have 1 more vehicle on the horizon and one more weapon planned. We have made numerous changes to small things, added dangerous weather and tucked on a few of the best mods out there and even bend our vision a little and added new storage options! Making the S1N server truly run a massive mod! 

It’s time we slow down a little..

After that it’s all about polishing and waiting out new content from Entrada (can’t wait for plane crashes, Airdrops is a huge success). So lets all play – join now!

To celebrate our progress, we are catching up on something we have been very bad at. Listing and announcing every little modification and showcasing our current content.

Within the week, you will be able to see a full list of all weapons, vehicles and all changes on the mod, right here on the website. Stay tuned!

Also, there will be posted lots of pictures with our new content on this page. If you have any to share, let us know!

But what about animations?

Yeah, animations. Currently the guns are not using their own animation sets which makes it looks kinda odd reloading and some of the guns are not aimed correctly (only visually, aim works 110%). But since the context editor still crashes every time we try to add new animations this is still a work in progress. Rest assured that it’s on the top of our list and will be added soon as possible.

Another content update on its way!

Its around that time again and while (unfortunately delayed), the next server content update is coming in the beginning of this week.

We will go all ‘bond’ on our playerbase and hint a little teaser that starts with a D and ends in a 9 and it’s going to be a rarity, so get your fighting gear on. 

(the DB9 has been replaced with the Jaguar F-Type)

Since content patch 1 we have added a few more weapons with each update. The original 5 is now 7, with the addition of the G36C and the regular M14. This next patch will also add the AK12-Tactical and a Magpul Masada, both using ammo you all have too much of anyways.  The patch will also include a new starting weapon which you will hate to love, but it’s working and should get you through even the most horrendous of corpse runs or restarts.

It will also feature a change to starting equipment for the two factions, purgers and raiders to give a little incentive to join one of them!

This also marks the end of our weapon content for a while, since we will concentrate on adding good animations for each weapon before we flood the server with guns.

We can also put out the fact that there have not been found one single rare M14EBR variant on the server as of yet. So go loot!

What else?

The patch will also include an extra storage solution and a new vehicle, while also preparing a plethora of small changes to be ready for the upcoming base snapping system in the game.

Time to celebrate, kill your neighbor day!

To celebrate this patch and the new base system we will soon be announcing a pvp event that will make you kill even your closest friends. Simply put, kill the most – get a unique and one-of-its-kind weapon. Keep an eye out on the discord, motd or webpage.

Servermod content patch 1

The first content update of the server mod have been released.

It contains 2 new vehicles and 5 new weapons (4 regular and 1 rare)

Both the weapons and the vehicles are considered in beta, and unfortunately lacking their own animations. This means that when you reload or pick up a weapon it will use an animation from one of the weapons currently in game (and sometimes look pretty stupid) but they all work, do damage and take their proper attachments. This is a priority for us, but unfortunately there are some problems with the cryengine editor that prevents us from importing our own animations.

Aside unforseen bugs – which there probably will be – there are some known issues currently on our list. They include refining the models, textures and some of the attachment issues plus damaged models of the vehicles and driving animations.

The weapons and vehicles are (in order of rarity)

Weapons :
Scorpion VZ
Mac11 UZI
Desert Eagle
M14 EBR – Signature version

A derivation of the KIA LTV (but looks fcking cool)

A new batch of weapons and vehicles will be released in patch 2, with refinement and finetuning of the already released items.

Also new in the mod is 

The towable diesel generator and a towable toolbox – thanks and credit to their respective mod authors.

All the hex camo duffelbags are now 35 slots lightweight and rare backpacks.
You can build 3 large crates instead of 1

Major Feature Update

Major update to the S1N server mod.

The mod on the server is constantly evolving and some major feature updates are being rolled out in the next few updates.

Already updated is an experimental change to the loot system. Read below for the specific changes.

Loot system enhancements (beta)

Items discovered around the world can sometimes be few and far between, especially weapons and ammunition and it seems like a daunting task to new players or casual players to “gain an advantage” over a seasoned player that regularly visit radiated areas or the bunkers.
Some servers solve this problem by simply multiplying the loot spawning around the world by a factor of two or more, but this creates another problem which is simply removing the “stress” and “paranoia” of moving around in the game trying to survive and gather ressources, because these ressources have simply become too trivial. 

We believe that removing too much of the game’s identity by doing this is counter-inituitive.

To solve this, we are doing the following :

Weapons are now sorted into three specific catagories. (or four if you count the rares)

  1. High-end military
  2. Police weapons
  3. Civil and hunting weapons 

Military guns now spawn less often in the world (but still spawn in an “ok” amount at the military installations)
Police weapons spawn about as often as weapons did before.
Civilian and hunting weapons spawn much more often, and in this catagory we place crafted weapons which spawns alot.

All weapons in these three catagories also degrade at a different rate, so a crafted gun degrade much faster then a mod16 rifle.

To further emphasize these changes, all weapons will (and partly have) gain different damage tables. There should be a larger reason for wanting a Vector over a crafted SMG. 

The ultra rares (Dictator, Reaver, etc.) now spawn less likely, but are also much more deadly.

Crafted weapons revival.

All crafted guns now spawn much much more in the world, which means roaming around the cities or in houses you are very likely to get a crafted gun and ammunition for it. This enables you to be armed, and somewhat ready for the intense amount of mutants on the server, while scavenging for better weapons and should for the most part usher in an era for these amazing guns to shine.

Loot in general.

Ammunition is now easier to find, with the most common being 9mm and lower (for the crafted weapons). Look in places like couches, lockers etc.

Mutants, while greatly doubled in numbers also drop a good amount of ammunition and clothes.

You will generally find more loot around in the world, but less of the really rare and good stuff. 

All in all, venturing out on Orca island on the S1N server means that you will find more weapons, more ammunition and be more competitive faster, but you will not be overpowered in a very short amount of time. The most likely weapons to be found at a faster rate is the crafted variant, and to some extent weapons like the mp55, at-15 or mk-18 (or the common handguns) but if you find yourself stumbling across a Vector or AUMP45 you will feel lucky and all rambo. Then when you loose that in pvp, you won’t be all butt naked and spawn with a crafted gun and find yourself able to get gear again at a very comforting rate. 

The full list of modifications on the server :

+Enhanced loot system (read above)
+Faster cars (cars now all have pedal to the metal attributes, use shift)
+More cars (some variants doubled in number)
+More tents
+BuildAnywhere (with restrictions, read the rules)
+Factions, one of which is completely PVE two of which are PVP factions.
+Landscaping mod + Basebuilding expansion mod incorporated. The couches and chairs are not craftable but all the walls are. Thanks to Porkchop Sandwiches for these two amazing mods.
+Hunger and thirst rate halved
+Max number of mutants and hordes
+Deadly radstorms, be sure to seek water or shelter when it hits!
+The Cook mod added, thanks to Piti Viers
+Fingerless glove mod pack added, thanks to SpitfireorMichina

Full list of changes :

Item changes :
Large rucksack increased to 30 slot
Duffelbags weight reduced, one specific duffelbag is now ultra rare with 35 slots and decreased weight.
Rugged black backpack is now 25 slots and more rare
Eyepatches give some blindness resistance
Hazmat suits now all give some radiation protection
All crafted fanny packs are only 3 slots, normal fanny packs are 4 slots and the military fanny packs are now 5 slots but with increased weight.
Crafted canteens (waterskins) now hold more fluid
All vegetables now give more food, to make them a viable choice of food.
Animals only drop one meat pr animal (to counter the reduction in hunger/thirst)
Ammoboxes now hold 100-125 ammo instead (depending on size of ammunition)
One rare tent added with 30 slots
Weapons will recieve different damage, depending on the tier of the weapon (in progress)
Baseparts increased to 300

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