Welcome Survivor...

The Rebirth of S1N

Eat or be eaten.
Kill or be killed.

‘The rules of humanity took a few steps back after the bombs. War did nothing good for us, never did. The few left standing are nothing more then animals. Hoarding, killing. Scavengers and murderers.

Some didn’t care what the world had become. Didn’t care if somewhere else was better. They took what was theirs. What was not theirs, they claimed. Absorbed. Obey or be left to die. These were the rules. Their rules. Humanity’s new rules..
And the mutants? Hell, some youngsters even believe they created them and I sure as hell understand why because they don’t seem to be keen on attacking them if they can have some easy poor rat meat instead.. But I know.

In the beginning they probably protected whoever accepted their dominion. Not now. So few of us left it doesn’t matter anyways. Whoever could flee across the sea probably did. Or did they? The rumors are in abundance. It really doesn’t matter.

All that matters is they are here, we are here. All that matters is that this next supply drop, that next piece of weaponry or that can of diesel is what we must fight for, because personally I don’t think the sea is any salvation. Just this next bullet with ‘Purger shit’ written on it. That’s my salvation.

I’m a rat. A free rat. I’m the revolution.’

The era of a new dawn...

The lands have changed. No longer confined to the small spaces of Orca island, S1N is now moving the war to their brethren on the far away cluster of islands commonly dubbed ‘The Dead Islands’ by it’s inhabitents.

When the war swept across the world, the remaining survivors of the countless small cities and rich capital situated in the middle of its surrounding islands, fell hard. Some say – harder then the rest of the world.

Rumors even have it that it was here that the faction of Purgers was born. Perhaps out of a necessity to maintain and control it’s resources and to sustain the survivors on the islands. Might have been some military personal or some leftover amalgamated representative. Whoever it was, they quickly took control over key resources and areas and started safeguarding it for a better future. At least that is the official version.

Maybe the local survivors offers a different view on the situation, having to fight, beg and often die for mere necessities to even survive. In a world turned upside down and humanity tossed in the bin and everyone left to fight for their lives, the Purgers – in their fortress overseeing most of the middle island and their coordinated raid on resources and survivors – was and to this day is a threat to everyone left alone to hide in the woods.

Maybe it’s time to stand up and fight. Alone or together.

Its your choice..

The hard facts

Miscreated is a PvP game at it’s core. While the S1N server offers a very hardcore survival experience with deadly weather and tougher mutants, we intend to take it one step further.

The MassiveMOD on the server remains the same, but we’ve turned on the roleplaying switch and now offers the very active admin core as endgame content. 

Building a massively fortified fortress at the harbor of the custom map, the Purgers will conduct roleplaying raid’s on the rest of the island and intend to keep the server at it’s toes. It’s up to the remaining survivors to either bond and fight back or stick to their petty lives scrounging for food and shelter. Rest be assured, what is in the complex base of the Purgers and on a dead body of one is probably some of the best equipment the server has to offer. If you can get to it..

There is no requirement for role-playing on the server, but you can be assured that if you meet a Purger, you are either soon dead, raided or robbed.  So better be prepared and fight back.

The mod still contains :

  • 3 new vehicles with 2 more to come
  • 10 new weapons, including a starter gun and a cool melee weapon
  • Deadly weather (radiation storms, heat waves etc will kill you unprepared)
  • Very tough mutants. Be extremely cautious making noise or risk attracting massive hordes.
  • New storage options, including larger backpacks and more tents!
  • Bigger bases and Build Anywhere!
  • A completely redesigned spawner that spawns more of the common items, but less of the really rare items
  • Rare items and weapons are also much much better
  • A finetuned pvp damage table and factions to enhance the PvP and PvE experience
  • External mods such as The Cook and Climates of Orca 
  • A completely custom tailored precache file for the custom map and items that guarantees the custom map runs much much better on the server!

And much more..

Factions :

The server have a couple of different factions to join, each with their own items and pros and cons.

The Purgers are a whitelisted, locked faction that provides the core of the roleplaying experience. Only a select few can join this faction.

The revolution is the direct opposite to the Purgers. Fighting to wrist control of the islands from the Purgers and provide safety for the survivors.. Or so they claim.

The Barbaric is a lone faction, not quite opposite – but still the target of – the Purgers, they also represent people that have not picked sides, but some say they are no better then the Purgers. They prefer working alone, picking targets not out of belief but opportunity. Just one step away from the mutants is the saying.

The faction-less is the people oppressed. This is the starting faction and a very valid choice for many reasons.