What is in the full mod?

The S1N server is running – in addition to some other mods – it’s own massive modification. Below is a quick glance listing of most of the changes in the mod.


There are 10 new weapons on the server. 

  • M14 Enhanced Battle Rifle
  • Standard M14 Rifle
  • G36C CQB
  • L1A1 “AR” Self Loading Rifle
  • Desert Eagle “Black Edition” 
  • Mac10 UZI
  • Scorpion VZ
  • Bloodied Sledgehammer
  • M14 EBR “FAT LADY” (ultra rare)

In addition, all the vanilla weapons have undergone a damage rework, in order to make the more “rare” guns and military versions, such as the AUMP45 and Mod16 more of a viable and combat ready choice then the lower end civilian and crafted weapons.


There are currently 3 new vehicles on the server, all of which are exclusive to S1N. With more to come!

  • The KIA LTV (Light Tactical Vehicle) – a beast of a military vehicle that can and will take you everywhere – with force.
  • The UAZ Jeep – while old and battered, not to be forgotten. Easy to repair and only a step beneath the LTV in utility.
  • The Willys Jeep – Famous in all its glory, the little beast will fly you over obstacles and mountains, if you can handle her agility.

In addition, all vehicles have a pedal-to-the-metal attribute, by holding shift the car will speed up – sometimes to horrendous and tragic results, but not enough to make it unrealistic! 

All the cars have different speed and handling attributes. Be careful.

Loot Tables (item spawner)

The item spawner in the game have been reworked. You find many of the best and rare guns only at high risk places, and less weapons and ammo to go around in cities in general.

This together with the weapon damage changes, makes the good guns harder to get but much more of a reward to obtain.

The mutants also drop more items. In particular more ammo, to counter the extra amount and more dangerous mutants on the server. It is by no means in excess though, S1N is still a hardcore server.


You are allowed to build 1 more large crate and you can also build a new 25 slot container (old shipping crate). It takes a little more effort and materials though.

Tents and Vehicle spawns

There are 65 tents on the server instead of 20.

All the vehicles have had their initial minimum spawn increased. The Quad bike no longer despawns after a few hours as well.

Unique item variations

A number of the vanilla items have been ‘buffed’ and had their spawn chance significantly lowered. (list is not complete)

  • The Purple camping tent is now a whooping 35 slot tent, but had its spawn chance lowered to 2%
  • All the military fannypacks are now 5 slots, but weigh a little more
  • The Hex camo variants of the Duffelbags are now 35 slots and weigh less then a ‘normal’ Duffelbag but have a very low spawn chance
  • The Black rugged backpack is now 25 slots and have a very low spawn chance

Item Changes

Many items have been changed. (list is not complete=

  • The Large Rucksack is now 30 slot, but weighs more
  • The Duffelbags are still 20 slots, but weighs less then the Rucksack
  • The crafted deer and wolf waterskins hold more fluid, to make them more viable
  • All planted food give more food. They are now a viable option to meat
  • Eyepatches protects the wearer more against blinding effects. Each patch adds 50% protection

Damage, factions and difficulty

The server is a hardcore server. What this means in particular is that the mutants and the environment, the radstorms and surroundings is much more of a challenge. Radstorms, heatwaves and the like will kill you if unprepared! Factions have been added for team PVP and roleplay. There are no easy shortcuts on the S1N server and this is not a server for the faint of heart.

The AI (mutants, wildlife) is much more dangerous. Think twice before you engage with more then one, and don’t even consider going toe to toe with a Human spider or Brute without good gear. You can read our FAQ and newbie guide here to better prepare yourself for the S1N experience. (edit these will be up very soon)

Items found in the world is also more scarce, food, water etc. 


The server have the Buildanywhere option enabled. You can build in houses, in cities, in barns and on a rock (if you so wish) but with the restrictions set forth that no bases are allowed on the roads (blocking roads) and in high yield loot areas such as military camps or near bunkers. 

In addition, the basepart amount is upped to 300 per base and the building area have been enlarged and the distance between bases lowered.

1st and 3rd person

The server is 1st person only, except for driving a vehicle where you can switch to 3rd person. 

Other mods

S1N is also running a few other mods by the talented mod community. In no order of appearence or value, they are :

  • Mutant skin pack
  • Various clothing mods
  • Towable Diesel Generator
  • The Cook mod
  • Climates or Orca

All the small things

There are lots of small basic changes and tweaks on the server, most of which you will not notice on their own. What is important is the full and coherent experience on the server. The mutants, the weather and survival is much harder, but not so hard that you will and cannot get gear that you want to take into combat. The server is an actively admin run server with many events, focusing on pvp and teamwork while also adding a much better pve experience to miscreated.


If you have questions about the mod or its contents, feel free to ask an admin on our discord.